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PrimeVideo Blind Eye Artist

Filmmakers Ashwin Chaudhary & Jonathan Korn first heard about the Blind Eye Artist through word of mouth and social media. His instagram account showcased his breathtaking acrylic paintings, but also told tales of his past as an abandoned youth and struggling artist in search of self-fulfillment. In March of 2020, they sat down with Justin Wadlington for an interview, just days before the pandemic changed the world forever.

Enchanted by Wadlington’s in-progress self-portrait “Eye Once Was Blind,” the filmmakers embarked on a 3 year journey of documenting the life of an artist as he navigated the most turbulent era in modern history, and ascended the highest tiers of the art world with each new painting. Blind Eye Artist is the true story of an artist who achieved the unthinkable, and could see past every obstacle in his way despite having vision in only one eye.